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Willkommen auf der Heimseite von Frej Wasastjerna

This site contains some of the stuff that I've written, most of it fiction. Some good stuff is missing because I'm trying to sell it (It's now available in Mixed Nuggets, see below). On the other hand I've also left out the worst crap.

You are very welcome to download my work and give it to others, provided you make sure I remain identified as the author and you send me a message telling me. You can use the "Send a message" box on the left or e-mail me directly at firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com.

Some people have liked the following stories:
Paratime Encounter (not recommended for people who take religion very seriously)

Note for people who find the stories in Mixed Nuggets unsatisfactory and want something with more characterization, a fully developed story arc, maybe even character development: Leonids and Paratime Encounter should be more to your taste.

Escape from Helsinki

Greetings to those who've read Leave-taking in Escape from Helsinki. If you are looking for the answer to why a space lighter would need propellers, go to the Background information section in the Science fiction directory. Scroll down to the section on Nega-mass propulsion, in particular the last two paragraphs.


I'll try publishing brief snippets from my books here in the hope of making people curious. If you don't want that, just scroll down a bit. If you are interested, you can find links to the books below.

From Tochwyatis:

As he walked along the path, which was sometimes almost invisible in the dim starlight, sometimes clear as Arimanaga flared up, Tochwyatis heard a clicking behind him. A shiver ran up his back, and he felt as if his testicles were trying to crawl up into his belly. Could it be...?

He turned. Yes, it was a ketterak! He started groping for a stone, found one and lifted it, ready to throw at the low-slung, pale, multilegged form.

He heard a voice, mixed with the clicking. "Do you really believe that's necessary?" it said scornfully, with an eerie accent due to thoroughly non-human vocal organs, but intelligibly enough.

Puzzled, Tochwyatis lowered his right hand.

"Do you really believe those old wives' tales about us eating humans?" the voice went on.

"Well, why shouldn't I?" he answered.

"Have you ever heard of it really happening? I mean a case where you really know someone it happened to, not a vague tale about a second cousin's father-in-law's friend's acquaintance?"

"No, but if you rarely get an opportunity to eat humans, I suppose I wouldn't."

From Mixed Nuggets:

I had begun perusing the most valuable property I had inherited from my father – the only known surviving copy of the Necronomicon. My father had obtained it on an expedition to darkest Massachusetts. Every time I asked how he had got it, he would get a haunted look in his eyes and change the subject.

Most of the spells were useless, because they required ingredients that were hard or impossible to obtain. Take dragon’s blood, for instance. Where do you find a dragon?

Or virgin’s blood. OK, virgins probably exist even nowadays, but you can’t go around asking people if they’re virgins, and if so, whether they’re willing to donate some blood. I had a lot of trouble convincing the authorities that I’m harmless, so I daren’t risk it again.

Eye of Newt: that isn’t practical either. US congresscritters, even former ones, are too well guarded.

When I had eliminated all the impracticable spells, there was exactly one left. Bat wings aren’t too hard to get, and most of the other stuff I could buy in any grocery store. (No, I won’t list it. This stuff is better kept secret.)

The last ingredient was a bit more problematic: threads from a Tommy Hilfiger shirt. (How did that get into a recipe from the Middle Ages? I never did figure that out.) Well, I found such a shirt at a reasonable price at a flea market.

(End of teasers)


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Science fiction

Fantasy (see also the Tochwyatis page below)

Other fiction: mainstream, slipstream, stuff that I refuse to classify...

Poetry: mostly some rather silly stuff I wrote in Germany in the late 1990s

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Tochwyatis: contains links relevant to my fantasy novel of that name, such as audio files with the pronunciation of the names in the novel and a list of all persons appearing in it, also links to sites where you can buy it.


Mixed Nuggets

Music: Currently this page contains 4 songs by my son Leo.

Map grids: This directory is for the convenience of other science fiction or fantasy writers who want to draw maps of their worlds and do it right, including a latitude and longitude grid.

Thoughts: Stuff that I might call aphorisms if I didn't consider that too fancy a word for this. (Warning: The language isn't always polite.)


(some of these links connect to more of my work)


This page will be updated and content added irregularly. I suggest checking it about once a year. I don't write much nowadays, I'm too busy taking care of my cats and devising a naval war game. (Maybe I'll include some info about that game some day. If you want to tell me to hurry up with that, use 'Send a message' in the left margin.)

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