Book projects

Books already published have their own pages on this website, but they are still mentioned here.


My second novel, Tochwyatis, was published on 2012-01-21 as an e-book using Smashwords.

Here's a blurb about Tochwyatis:

The gods have slept for more than seventeen centuries and are due to wake up in twenty years. When that happens, Kumulhan, High Priest of the Sky Father among the nomads of the Tagashai steppe wants his god to be supreme over the other gods. To ensure that, he launches an army of elite nomad cavalry to conquer the world.

Tochwyatis, a young sailor born into a poor family but with an aptitude for sorcery, finds himself playing an important part in the efforts to defeat Kumulhan.

My third novel, provisionally named Healer and Killer, is in progress and may or may not get published sometime this century.

My first novel? That's Borkin the Archer. It needs a thorough revision, so it may appear any decade now (provided I live that long).

Mixed Nuggets

A short story collection, containing both fantasy, science fiction and mainstream stuff, named Mixed Nuggets, was published in e-book form in July 2012.

På svenska

Min egen översättning till svenska av första kapitlet av min fantasy-roman Tochwyatis fick ett så översvallande positivt mottagande nyligen på en skrivarkurs att jag överväger att antingen själv översätta hela romanen eller låta en professionell översättare översätta den och erbjuda den till ett förlag här i Finland (eller eventuellt i Sverige). Kolla här någon gång per år för att se om det blir något av de här funderingarna.

Nej, de här planerna har skrinlagts.