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Välkommen till Frej Wasastjernas hemsida
Tervetuloa Frej Wasastjernan kotisivulle
Willkommen auf der Heimseite von Frej Wasastjerna

This site contains some of the stuff that I've written, most of it fiction. Some good stuff is missing because I'm trying to sell it (It's now available in Mixed Nuggets, see below). On the other hand I've also left out the worst crap.

You are very welcome to download my work and give it to others, provided you make sure I remain identified as the author and you send me a message telling me. You can use the "Send a message" box on the left or e-mail me directly at firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com.

Some people have liked the following stories:
Paratime Encounter (not recommended for people who take religion very seriously)

Note for people who find the stories in Mixed Nuggets unsatisfactory and want something with more characterization, a fully developed story arc, maybe even character development: Leonids and Paratime Encounter should be more to your taste.

Escape from Helsinki

Greetings to those who've read Leave-taking in Escape from Helsinki. If you are looking for the answer to why a space lighter would need propellers, go to the Background information section in the Science fiction directory. Scroll down to the section on Nega-mass propulsion, in particular the last two paragraphs.

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Science fiction

Fantasy (see also the Tochwyatis page below)

Other fiction: mainstream, slipstream, stuff that I refuse to classify...

Poetry: mostly some rather silly stuff I wrote in Germany in the late 1990s

På svenska (mest från 1960-talet)

Suomeksi: viisaita sanoja ihmisälystä, ja vähän muutakin

Auf Deutsch: ein albernes kleines Gedicht

Cat pictures

Book projects


Tochwyatis: contains links relevant to my fantasy novel of that name, such as audio files with the pronunciation of the names in the novel and a list of all persons appearing in it, also links to sites where you can buy it.


Mixed Nuggets


Borkin the Archer

Music: Currently this page contains 4 songs by my son Leo.

Map grids: This directory is for the convenience of other science fiction or fantasy writers who want to draw maps of their worlds and do it right, including a latitude and longitude grid.

Thoughts: Stuff that I might call aphorisms if I didn't consider that too fancy a word for this. (Warning: The language isn't always polite.)



(some of these links connect to more of my work)


This page will be updated and content added irregularly. I suggest checking it about once a year. I don't write much nowadays, I'm too busy taking care of my cats and devising a naval war game. (Maybe I'll include some info about that game some day. If you want to tell me to hurry up with that, use 'Send a message' in the left margin.)

Page created 2009-02-02 

Recent changes and news:

2020-12-08: I've worked out a procedure for designing one's ships (to be used in Combat at Sea) using spreadsheets. I expect the game will be ready sometime in the next few months. Warning: It is not a simple and easy game; it's intended for people who are willing to devote a lot of work to a game of gunnery and torpedo combat between battleships, cruisers and destroyers of the 1914-1945 era.

2020-02-08: The actual combat rules for Combat at Sea have been ready since some time last year, but the game also requires a process to design one's ships. I had hoped that the people responsible for SpringSharp would provide that, but they no longer answer my messages, so I'll have to take care of that too. That will probably require learning an appropriate programming language, so don't hold your breath while waiting.

2018-11-17: Natten till ära (17.-18.11. = Leonidernas natt) har jag satt upp min egen översättning till svenska av min engelskspråkiga novell Leonids i avdelningen "På svenska".

2018-11-16: Borkin the Archer has been available from BoD both in print and as an e-book since August 2017, but a slightly improved e-book version for Smashwords is being prepared. I've also begun providing battle maps and information about how to simulate the battles, see the Borkin the Archer subdirectory available via the link above. But taking care of two cats and helping to take care of two grandkids still occupies much of my time.

The naval war game Combat at Sea is progressing and may become available in 2019. The other naval war game mentioned in my 2017-05-31 message has been shelved for the time being.