Summer Song

(This is a translation of the first two stanzas of Sommarsång, which I wrote back in the 1960s. The original text is available in the 'På svenska' subdirectory, where you can also find it sung by me. I translated it -- what I could remember, namely these two stanzas -- in Germany in the 1990s.

Some rhymes in the translation may be considered questionable. So sue me. Translating poetry is difficult enough, even when I take some liberties.)

Come with me in our boat when sun sets sea a-glitter
and put aside what bothers and depresses you.
Tear yourself loose from all things that are foul and bitter;
come with me now, our boat is ready for us two.

We have enough of grief, enjoy what is us given.
See azure sky and feel the zephyr in your hair.
Let sunshine sparkling on the waves your heart enliven
and take a day off from your worries and your care.