Science fiction

Paratime Encounter
DSE (unsuitable for humorless religious believers)
Gathering Evidence of the Arduenna Massacres (my first steampunk story)


The Iagyh War series

Note: These stories were written beginning in the 1980s but I worked out the ideas behind the series in the 1960s. To avoid burdening the stories with too much technical exposition but still provide technical information for those who are interested, I've provided an appendix named Background information. (Since the stories were written before I made this decision, some of them are pretty information-heavy anyway.)

A Brief History of Two Species
(This isn't really a story, it's an introduction to the series, consisting of brief fictional snippets showing the differences between iagyhs and humans, and at least hinting at their evolutionary background.)

Early Warning





Till Death Do Us Part
(Although this is the last story in the series so far, it was written first.)

Background information

All the stories written so far in this series are now online. I may perhaps someday write more, but I don't expect that to happen soon. I'm currently working on a new story, Stalking the Enemy. I have no idea when it will be ready, if ever.